Project Design & Outsourcing

We work closely with our clients to design projects and business models with a focus on people, planet, profit and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our team encourages and facilitates collaborations between our clients that involve communities, Government and Civil Society as implementing partners and supporters of the projects we design.  We feature on our platform, highly impactful and verified projects available for collaboration and partnerships with our clients.  Upon viewing our projects, our clients can select any of their choice or thematic preference and we in turn design a collaborative project as part of a CSR initiative.

At Mastermind Africa Alliance, we also provide CSR outsourcing services to our clients so that upon achieving approval on a project concept, we then manage and monitor these projects as they focus on their core business. This is particularly useful for companies that do not have their own CSR departments.

Certification & Capacity Building

Through a comprehensive assessment mechanism, our team analyses individual and organizational initiatives to ensure that they are the best fit for our clients and that they running sustainable and ethical initiatives which our client’s can affiliate and collaborate with for optimal impact and results.

Our rigorous assessment and certification process ensures that we offer only the best of projects and initiatives to feature on our platform for onward support and collaborations with corporations, institutions and any possible partners. Through our assessments, we ascertain as to whether our featured initiatives are duly legally registered and compliant, subscribe to high standards of ethics and integrity, are aligned to attainment of SDG’s, have a sustainability and income generating model and have capacity to execute. Once this is certified, we then list the projects on our platform for viewership.

For organizations that identify gaps after assessment, we offer capacity building services through our experts which seek to strengthen those gaps areas and bring organizations up levels of operation satisfactory for our partners collaboration.

We work closely with our partner Viwango  in assessing and certifying the organizations we feature.

Monitoring and Evaluation

At Mastermind Africa Alliance, we provide our clients access to a dedicated online platform specifically customized to meet their requirements on monitoring and evaluation assignments.

We understand that distance can be an impediment to tracking progress and accessing updates as one would wish concerning projects. That is why we conduct site visits and assessments on behalf of our clients and provide comprehensive updates which can be accessed through our monitoring and evaluation (M&E) platform.

Upon log in to our platform, our client’s can view the status and progress of their project, access reports and updates from the field, view and download photographs, videos and interviews of  the beneficiaries, all at the click of a button. Through registering and logging on to our platform, you can access all information, updates, expenditure reports concerning your project and verify that it is indeed proceeding as expected, regardless of where in the world you are.

CSR and Impact Reporting

Accountability to stakeholders is a business practice we place emphasis on at Mastermind Africa Alliance. Our dedicated and experienced team design and compile client CSR reports for records and presentation to stakeholders.  Our reporting mechanisms are in line with international reporting standards set out such as the Global Reporting Initiative. We work closely with our clients  through each step in the process of reporting, from planning, data collection, data interpretation to writing and design.