Tech Needs Girls


A mentorship program teaching girls from 6-18years to code and create technology. The program has trained over 3500 girls in 8 regions in Ghana and expanded its impact to Burkina Faso. With experience the program developed an interactive coding curriculum based on Human Centered Design. Overwhelmed by demand and to ensure the sustainability of the coding skills, we decided to setup the first coding and human centered design school. The program teaches technical Coding and ICT Skills, soft skills such as entrepreneurship, leadership and networking, offers access to internships and jobs in the technology space and leading industries and offers opportunity to start your own business.

  • Employee Volunteers willing to teach technical coding skills and leadership and entrepreneurship skills
  • Funding to offer scholarships for underprivileged children
  • (New, Old, Refurbished) Laptops, tablets and mobile phones
March 21, 2017

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